How do I order a cane online?

Ordering online is easy as 1-2-3! Just select the style and size that fits your fancy. When you are ready to checkout, click "View Cart" and follow the steps to process your order. We accept VISA, Mastercard and Paypal. Once your order is complete, we will send you an email with confirmation and tracking details.

Can I order by phone?

Yes! We will be glad to talk with you Monday-Friday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. at the following number: 919-426-4312

How am I able to track my order?

Whether you ordered via phone or online, we will provide you with an order number. To track your order, drop us a quick email at and include your order number given to you at checkout and we will confirm the shipping date.

What should I expect for shipping and delivery?

Standard orders are shipped within 5–7 business days. Custom orders are shipped within 3-4 weeks. If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will email you with an estimated delivery time. Shipping price is $12 per cane (shipped within the 48 contiguous state). For larger orders (2 or more), contact us for shipping costs. For shipping costs outside the US, please contact us at

What is your return policy?

Our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding service and the most unique cane. Your walking cane must be in new condition, not have customized artwork, not be a customized length, and must be within 30 days of receiving your cane. All refunds are issued to your credit card, excluding shipping. If your cane was a gift, we can credit the purchaser's card, or issue you a gift credit good for a future purchase. For orders of $100 or more, there is a 25% restocking fee. For all returns, you must first email us at or call us at 919-426-4312 so we can initiate the return process. On your return slip, please share with us your reason for returning. Your feedback is VERY important to us.

Are these canes under warranty?

All canes are covered for 15 days against manufacturers defects. Any cane with visible damage, whether from neglect or from being dropped, is excluded from this warranty. We will inspect all canes to determine if the damage is a result from a manufacturers defect. If so, we will gladly replace the item. No refunds will be given for damage that is not a direct result of manufacturer defect.

How do I clean my cane?

All of our customized canes are finished with polyurethane. To keep clean, just wipe with a soft damp cloth. We recommend using a soft damp cloth to wipe it down. A mild soap may also be used. Do not immerse your cane in water to prevent damage to your cane.

How do I figure out the right size cane for me?

The most common method to determine the proper cane length is to dress in the shoes you wear most often and stand with your arms relaxed at your sides. Have another person measure the length between the floor and the crease of your wrist (where it bends). This measurement is your proper cane length. For the average height person, most canes are about 36” long. It is very important your cane is properly fitted to your height. We can custom size your cane from 36” to 16". And remember, all custom-sized canes are non-refundable. Another, but less accurate, method is your cane length is about half the measurement of your height. When using your cane, your shoulders should be even and your elbow flexion should be at about a 20 - 25 degree angle. As with any assistive walking device you should first check with your healthcare professional to confirm the length that’s right for you.

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